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You recived a fantasy text adventure with a survey attached to it. Do you start playing it?

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Hello my dear Adventurer,
I have a glorious quest for you. Are you interested in eternal fame, power and fortune? Then come and follow me! I will lead you to quest, which will help you achieve your goals.
So, if you're interested in going on an adventure, just click download below.

"Slaying Demons_" is a Text Adventure, where you can explore a wonderful, classic fantasy world through text and experience some twists, you may not have expected.

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  • Collect words to fight against different creatures
  • Use the power of words to interact with your environment
  • Be part of a catching story line

Project Gallery

Take a look inside our game to get a first impression on the adventure waiting for you.

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Meet the Team


Lara Serzisko

Narrative Design & Game Design


Christian Heusser

Engineer &
Game Design


Felix Konprecht



Katharina Batzel

2D Art &


Nora Symmank

2D Art

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Team H0nker5
Gr├╝nberger Str. 57
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+49 30 96595244

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